A Forbidden Place    

I wander to witness other ways of living and perhaps discover some that resonate with me. I found myself in a forbidden place, a place where time moves slowly or, seemingly, not at all. An afternoon walk down a solitary road could last a day, and you'd never quite reach those hills in the distance. The market smells of garlic, fresh from the earth. Vending machines on the street sell boxed rum; armed men guard the meat stalls. Elderly gentlemen with friendly smiles openly speak of their lives in a language I don't understand. It's a complex place full of contradictions, and when I leave I take with me more questions than I brought. I contemplate various notions of freedom and humankind's relationship with the earth, and I wonder if we will have the courage to make the profound changes required to repair this relationship.

All images were made on film and printed in a darkroom.

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