Introducing the Hypha free plant nursery!

The Hypha free nursery is a community project to spread ideas and plants through Seattle. Plants are propagated and given away as gifts with instructions on care and how to propagate them further. Some plants are accompanied by a handmade, limited edition, letterpress card with a story or special detail about the plant. Plants for propagation are selected with emphasis on perennial food systems, urban pollinators and wildlife, suitability to our local landscape, ease of propagation, and transplant success. In keeping with the Hypha network theme, selected plants will be plotted on a handmade map so we can watch the spread through Seattle.  

There can be no meaningful discussion of local food security and environmental stability  / regeneration without a fundamental understanding of plant reproduction. This is an educational project meant to inspire the sharing of plants and knowledge. Knowledge is a gift and, in this case, comes in the shape of a plant.  

This project is in collaboration with Lark Preyapongpisan, a wonderful letterpress and book artist, and the Howell Collective community garden on Capitol Hill. Plants are propagated and cared for on Capitol Hill and in Columbia City. All plants are organically grown.

Updates will be frequently posted to this blog as we plan plant gifting events. Please check back; we're just getting started!